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I'm Michelle, An Expert in Personal Shopping

I have been a personal shopper since 2018, ensuring that my customers receive the best high quality and efficient service as possible. In times like these it is important to stay safe while also taking care of your needs. I’m here to help! I can shop anywhere that accepts Visa Credit/Debit Cards so ALL of your favorite stores are an option for orders! You will find there are NO price increases with my services and receipt is always provided!


I will also make sure you receive the lowest price, discounts/BOGOs, and highest quality on all items such as fresh produce and meats. The app provides the national average price for items but this does not reflect actual price in store, I shop the deals. To make all of this easier for you, you can: write a list of your groceries/necessities, take pictures of the items you can’t find yourself, or share your shopping list with me.

In addition to grocery and retail shopping I also provide restaurant ordering and pick up service


Contact me with any questions or download my app @ shop.dumpling.us/shopsbyshell!


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Great shopper, super communications, voluntarily checked dates on perishables. Picked up items that were not on stores web site.

Gary M.

Shell did a great job. Picked good expiration dates, and communicated substitutions well. A lot better than other shoppers have. Thanks Shell!

Jason K. 

Communicated very well. Timely and smooth. Highly recommend Shell!

Reese Mathers

Think you know grocery delivery? Think again! 

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